Everything You Need to Know About DVD Duplication Services

DVD duplication refers to the process of copying the data from a DVD, called the master copy to one or more DVDs. These services are essential for various purposes such as copying and distributing video content, storing data for archival purposes or for storing data that is too big in size.

The best part about DVD’s is that their capacity to store content is much more than regular CDs. There are several companies offering CD duplication in Los Angeles that also provide DVD duplication services.

Here are a few important things you need to know about DVD Duplication services:

  • Cost Effective: The process allow an individual/company to copy and distribute data in a cost effective manner. DVD duplication for cheap prices can give people the flexibility to distribute content including corporate presentations, e-learning materials, music recordings, etc. to a larger audience without getting bogged down by monetary factors.
  • Size: DVDs offer more storage space when compared with regular CDs. They allow heavy data to be stored on a single disk. This save both space and money as all your content has been suppressed in one single disk.
  • Video Content: A full-length feature film or a 2-hour video cannot be stored on a CD and the customer may need to have it in two or more CDs. A DVD is a must for such situations since it offers more storage space. Most people prefer DVDs making the DVD duplication services rise is demand. Blu-ray DVDs are the most popular these days especially for high-definition video and data.
  • Fast: The process of DVD duplication is not very time-consuming. A lot of DVD duplication companies claim to finish their work within a 24-48 hour window. This is because the process is not very complicated and with the right equipment, it does not take much time. The customer will provide a master DVD and its content will first be checked and adjusted. Then it is copied to several disks through a CD and DVD duplicator.

Many companies providing DVD duplication services also provide shrink wrapping services. If you choose this service, the company will shrink wrap the DVD to improve the appearance of the product in addition to keeping it clean, moisture-free, and tamper-proof.