Apple Music Clocks in at Number Three

If you like so many were swept away in the era of the Apple iPod, then you were introduced to Apple Music, Inc. Apple Music, Inc. is the company that brings the world its streaming service along with its live radio stations broadcasting in more than 200 countries. Apple Music users can listen to more than 70 million songs of every genre. Apple Music is among several music streaming services that are the latest answer for the consumer who desires to have access to music at will. No longer do listeners need to place 48s on the turntable, 8-tracks, cassettes, or CDs in the deck, or rely on MP3 players. Now, one can access millions of songs for their listening pleasure by going to one of any number of streaming music services.

Apple Music officially entered the streaming scene in the month of June 2015 after years of depending on iTunes for the music collected and played on its iPod. Since its entry, it has expanded into video streaming. Apple Music, Inc. debut was its release of the iPod, which occurred on October 23, 2001. To date the iPod has evolved to its 7th generation, now the iPod Touch. Apple Music streaming position has just reached the number two spot in popularity. While the company named Apple Music is a behemoth, it still falls behind the number one and two music streaming service, Spotify, and Pandora.

Spotify nearly doubles the subscribers held by Apple Music, Inc. To date Apple has 60 million
subscribers to Spotify’s 100 million. If your music is played on Apple Music’s streaming service, you the
artist will average $0.006005 per play of your song if you are a United States citizen and resident. You
will be paid consistent with the terms of your contract with your label. Apple Music pays the label what.
it has earned and they pay the artist his fair share according to his contract with the label. Label and
artist are paid from the subscriber fees based on the streaming of their music. Rates vary from
country to country for independent and signed artists.