What is Apple Music

Apple Music is a worldwide streaming service that plays music, audio and video on demand. It was launched by Apple Inc. on June 30, 2015. In a mere 6 months, Apple Music had more than 10 million subscribers. Today, as of June 2021, it has 78 million worldwide subscribers in 200 countries.  Apple Music officially […]

The History of the American Music Awards

In 1973, the Grammy’s were moved to Nashville and the broadcast rights for the show were purchased by CBS.  Prior to that year, they were owned by ABC.  The American Music Awards (AMA) came about because Dick Clark wanted ABC to produce a show that could legitimately compete with the Grammy’s.  So, Dick Clark created […]

History of the Grammy Awards

The prestigious Grammy Awards did not exist before 1958. Both the Oscars and the Emmys had been in existence since 1929 and 1949 respectively. In 1958, the Gramaphone Awards had their first ceremony. Oddly enough, it was the construction of the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the 1950’s which spurred a renewed interest in celebrating […]

Artist Who Died 2021

Every new year is welcomed with the hopes for new beginnings, unfortunately along with the new discoveries of talent each year comes the news of some of our treasured musical giants dying. Some of the greats we lost last year include some truly iconic legends. DMX-Dark Man X or his birth name, Earl Simmons died […]

What is Zoom

  Zoom’s popularity has gained it the rare moniker of being a ‘unicorn company.’  Naturally, you’re curious about that term.  You’re probably asking, “What is a unicorn company?” A unicorn company is a privately held company that has attained a $1 billion dollar valuation in less than a few years of its initial operating date. […]

Do You Need To Copyright Your Music

  A copyright is establishing ownership on any intellectual property such as a song. The moment your music is put to paper and or recorded, it is unofficially copywritten. You never to have worry about your ownership unless, there is someone who produces something remarkably like your song and who has also written the song […]

How to Market Your Music as an Artist

As an artist, you feel all you must do is create beautiful sounds and put them on a recording for others to hear and buy. We all know, the business of making and selling music is not that simple. The operative phrase is not, “If you build it, they will come.” The problem is, if […]

What is Spotify?

  Spotify is currently the largest digital music streaming service in the world. It’s listed as having 381 million active subscribers. That includes subscribers in over 65 different regions including Europe, the United States, Asia, Africa, and Oceania in approximately 178 different countries. Spotify had its beginnings in 2006, when its founders, Daniel Ek and […]


DistroKid is an independent digital music distributor based in New York. It was founded by the 46-year-old computer programmer and serial internet entrepreneur, Philip J. ‘Pud’ Kaplan in 2013. It was a natural progression after he created the social networking site, ‘Fandalism’ for musicians in 2012. DistroKid gives musicians and other rights-holders a very reasonably […]

Jay Z

  Shawn Corey Carter is Jay-Z, the 51-year-old hip hop artist, music mogul, and general entrepreneur. A Brooklyn, New York native, Jay-Z used his single parent upbringing to charge forward in life transforming his unfortunate beginnings by using his talent for rapping into very fruitful ventures. His first real world venture was Rock-A-Fella Records, which […]