What is Soundcloud: Soundcloud is a leading music streamer. is both an online streaming service and a podcast platform. Founded in Stockholm, Sweden by Ljung and Eric Wahlforss in 2007. The company is now based in Berlin, Germany. had its first appearance in 2008. The service now offers both free and paid subscriptions […]

Email list For your Band

  Email is free to use for promotion of your music/band.  It is six times more effective in communicating with the public than social media platforms.  It also gives you some degree of control over communications with your fan base. Plus, your email list can expand to any number.  There is no limit.   Email […]

Promote on Spotify

Spotify was founded in 2006 by two Sweds, Daniel Ek and Sven Hans Martin Lorentzon. The platform is available in 178 countries including the Americas, Europe, 40 African countries including South Africa and the island of Mauritius as well as Asia. That’s a huge audience to be exposed to (365 million users and 165 million […]

The Most Popular Music Distribution Sites

Over the years, digital music distribution has been popularized by these music streaming industry leaders: Amazon Spotify Pandora Apple Music iTunes Google Play You Tube Tidal Napster Deezer iHeart Radio Claro Música Media Net Saavn NicheStreem Anghami   Claro Música streams music from Central American and South American artists, while Saavn streams Hindi songs, NicheStreem […]

Use Social Media to Promote Your Music

If you’re an artist, you need to be fully aware of how much the influence social media can have on promoting your music. If you do nothing else to promote your music, you must take this one important strategic step:  find some social media websites that will allow you to promote and share your music. […]


  What is Zoom and How Can it Help You? Founded in 2011, Zoom is an audio and web conferencing platform that is used to conduct meetings with employees and co-workers. Family members use it to chat with each other. Social groups, religious congregations, scouts, leaders, etc. can use to rally, inform, and teach. You […]

MTV Doesn’t Play Videos Anymore

  Did MTV Shake Off the Dead Weight of the Music Video? MTV is considered the number one global media brand. It influences more than 387 million worldwide viewers. These same viewers spend $250 billion dollars annually. Their ages, surprisingly range from 12 to 34 years old. Despite the preponderance of youth, they have a […]

Sean P.Diddy Combs

Who’s Sean P. Diddy, Puffy, Puff Daddy, Diddy Combs? Part I Sean Combs otherwise known as Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Puffy or Diddy is one of the top three music earners in the Rap business. His network is sitting somewhere between $740 to $885 million. With a stature spanning several well-earned titles, he’s a top […]

USB Duplication and Flash Drives

USB Duplicating, Tomorrow’s Trend is Here Today From vinyl record to 8-track tape to cassette to CD to MP3 to USB, that has been the transition music distribution has gone through. Now, that we have entered the latest transition of recording music, USB flash drives. The Indie artists, always the first to try anything new, […]

Is The CD Dead? Maybe Not

    CD Duplication in 2021 and Beyond Despite the resurgence of vinyl, the production of hard music sources is slowing due to the growth of streaming.   Still, the compact disc or the CD is surviving despite the challenges.  Maybe it’s due to the CD’s long life of nearly 30 years.  A few CD duplication […]