What is Apple Music

Apple Music is a worldwide streaming service that plays music, audio and video on demand. It was launched by Apple Inc. on June 30, 2015. In a mere 6 months, Apple Music had more than 10 million subscribers. Today, as of June 2021, it has 78 million worldwide subscribers in 200 countries.  Apple Music officially […]


What is Soundcloud: Soundcloud is a leading music streamer. Soundcloud.com is both an online streaming service and a podcast platform. Founded in Stockholm, Sweden by Ljung and Eric Wahlforss in 2007. The company is now based in Berlin, Germany. Soundcloud.com had its first appearance in 2008. The service now offers both free and paid subscriptions […]

Promote on Spotify

Spotify was founded in 2006 by two Sweds, Daniel Ek and Sven Hans Martin Lorentzon. The platform is available in 178 countries including the Americas, Europe, 40 African countries including South Africa and the island of Mauritius as well as Asia. That’s a huge audience to be exposed to (365 million users and 165 million […]

Is The CD Dead? Maybe Not

    CD Duplication in 2021 and Beyond Despite the resurgence of vinyl, the production of hard music sources is slowing due to the growth of streaming.   Still, the compact disc or the CD is surviving despite the challenges.  Maybe it’s due to the CD’s long life of nearly 30 years.  A few CD duplication […]

Spotify Music Streaming

Spotify Reigns as the Number One Music Streaming Service The giant music industry’s latest listening option, streaming has led the industry to $4.3 billion in revenues.  Eighty percent of that revenue is attributed to its successful streaming services of which Spotify is currently number one with over 100 million subscribing listeners.  Pandora and Apple Music […]

Apple Music

Apple Music Clocks in at Number Three If you like so many were swept away in the era of the Apple iPod, then you were introduced to Apple Music, Inc. Apple Music, Inc. is the company that brings the world its streaming service along with its live radio stations broadcasting in more than 200 countries. […]

Make Money with your music

You’ve been doing music for a while. You have a professional act. You perform occasionally but you haven’t gotten paid for your performance, then it happens someone wants to pay you for a gig. Maybe someone wants you to perform on their CD or project and you want charge a fee. How much do you […]

CD Duplication and Manufacturing

You have recorded all you material and it sounds good. Now you know you have the websites you want to place it on like Soundcloud and Spotify. But you also want some physical copies for shows, because you know telling fans from the stage your website URL’s will be a hard sell and how many […]

Digipak Duplication

    Why is Atlantadisc the only choice for Digipak CD Duplication. One reason is we start at quantities of 50 and up. So if you don’t need a lot of CD’s for your event we have you covered. We offer Eco Friendly packaging using Sturdy 15 point card stock. We offer super shiny UV […]

Short Run Duplication for CD’s

  What is Short Run CD Duplication? Short run CD duplication is basically a superfast compact disc or digital video disc production or replication process. There are many instances when you would need a few or numerous discs duplicated in a very short span of time. You would not have the luxury of time to […]