CD Duplication Cheap Low Price

## Introduction CD Duplication Cheap: Affordable Options for Music Artists In today’s digital age, where streaming platforms dominate the music industry, physical copies of music might seem obsolete. However, there is still a demand for CDs among music artists and enthusiasts. CD duplication services provide a cost-effective way for independent music artists to promote and […]

CD Cover Printing

CD Printing: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Eye-Catching CD Covers CD printing is an essential step in bringing your music releases, video presentations, and other content to life. While digital downloads have gained popularity, physical media like CDs still hold a special place in the hearts of many. The visual and tactile impact of a […]

Sell CD’s at Your Shows

How to market your CDs and vinyl at Shows Probably the most significant inquiries you and your band should make are: How to sell CDs and vinyl at gigs. Even though it might seem difficult, there is a mechanism that we developed and tested that allows you to sell your music while performing without seeming overly […]

Cheap CD Duplication Low Price

Customers frequently search for the lowest price they can find when looking for the greatest deal on a CD or DVD duplication project, which is totally understandable. You’ve undoubtedly already spent a significant amount of money on recording, mastering, and perhaps even graphic design at this stage of the production process. You may be trying […]

The CD is Still in Demand

Demand for the CD is Still High –> According to publicly available data for the UK and the USA, spending on video entertainment increased between January and March 2013 compared to the same period in 2012. The rate of growth was even stronger, increasing video entertainment spending by a total of 10.1% in the UK […]

What is the CD Duplication Process?

CD Duplication: What Is It? The technique of making multiple copies of a CD from a single master disc is known as CD duplication. To duplicate the master disc exactly, a CD burner or duplicator is used in the process. When manufacturing duplicates of a music album or software application for distribution, or for small […]

Digital Distribution

Years have passed, but today I’m speaking out on the important subject of selecting the best digital distributor for your music. I’ll actually be doing this in three sections because there is a lot to discuss here. In this first post, I want to talk about two aspects that almost every distributor identifies as being […]

What is Apple Music

Apple Music is a worldwide streaming service that plays music, audio and video on demand. It was launched by Apple Inc. on June 30, 2015. In a mere 6 months, Apple Music had more than 10 million subscribers. Today, as of June 2021, it has 78 million worldwide subscribers in 200 countries.  Apple Music officially […]

The History of the American Music Awards

In 1973, the Grammy’s were moved to Nashville and the broadcast rights for the show were purchased by CBS.  Prior to that year, they were owned by ABC.  The American Music Awards (AMA) came about because Dick Clark wanted ABC to produce a show that could legitimately compete with the Grammy’s.  So, Dick Clark created […]

History of the Grammy Awards

The prestigious Grammy Awards did not exist before 1958. Both the Oscars and the Emmys had been in existence since 1929 and 1949 respectively. In 1958, the Gramaphone Awards had their first ceremony. Oddly enough, it was the construction of the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the 1950’s which spurred a renewed interest in celebrating […]