Artist who died in 2018

We lost a a few artist in 2018. Most remarkable is Aretha Franklin she is the queen of soul. She was 76 years old. Roy Clark who is best known for his appearance on one of my dads favorite show he haw in the 70’s. He was 85. XXXTentacion  a 20 year old up and […]


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Jamie Grace

Celebrating with Jamie Grace By B.L. Barbour Jamie Grace Harper is an Atlanta, Georgia native and quickly gaining favor in the gospel arena.  Her professional name is Jamie Grace.  Grace won the New Artist of the Year award at the Dove Awards in 2012, one year after the release of her debut album, Hold Me. […]

Social Media Handle

A good idea is to have the same handle for all your social media website if you are a musician or artist. It makes it easy for your fans to follow you. Sometimes thsi is not possible if you have a common name. But if your band is the Cruboyz. It would be a good […]

Rap Music Around the World

Rap: Not Just an African American Music Genre Anymore By  B.L. Barbour It’s no longer just the east coast versus the west coast U.S.A.; rap is now performed and produced internationally.  Rap music has been adopted by musical artists from Australia, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Denmark, Egypt, English, Germany, Ghana, Iceland, […]

Mariah Carey

Hope There’s More Number One Hits from Mariah Carey By BL. Barbour Being a true fan of Mariah Carey, I can’t wait until she releases another number one hit.   It’s been ten years since she released her last album.   I follow great female singers almost religiously and I’m impatiently waiting for the next album.  I […]

History of the Bass Guitar

It’s all About That Bass:  the Bass Guitar The bass guitar as we know it, is the long necked four to six stringed instrument creating pitches one octave lower than the guitar’s first four strings. They’re the lower pitches of A, E, D  and G. It was invented to mimic the sound of the large […]

Jay Z

Jay Z Is a Man of Many Talents Rap sensation and business mogul, Jay Z, was born in early December of 1969 and he’s been famous for a long time. His recordings are some of the best-selling in history. Today, he’s sold in excess of one hundred million records and he’s received twenty-one Grammy Awards. […]

Short Run CD Duplication

What You Should Know About Short Run CD Duplication   Short run CD duplication is designed to make it easy for customers to access smaller numbers of CD copies. If you have a CD that you’d like duplicated, but you don’t want to order a lot of CD duplicates at one time, you’ll find that […]

Build Your Fan Base

How to build a fan base for your music Before having thoughts of massive popularity; music bands, rappers and singers should solely focus on creating high-quality music content as this is what naturally sells to the music lovers. Artists who own creative contents barely have tough times trying to market themselves. Instead, it is the […]