CD Duplicating is the process of burning data or audio to a recordable CD. Information is taken from a master disc burned to recordable media.  The data on the disc is then verified to ensure the exact copy has been made. Once the disc have been burned they will be printed with either simple black text or vibrant full color.

With improvement of the CD duplication process and the advancement of the cd  players you have less compatibility issues as in the past.  Not all disc are created equally so we try to always use a good grade of disc in our duplication and manufacturing process.

A recordable CD-R can hold up to 80 minutes of audio per disc. the recordable CD-r can burn up to  700 mb of memory.

We are the kings of short run cd duplication. we start at 50 CD’s and run up to 5000 CD’s. Quick fast turnaround times for CD Duplication. We offer quality CD duplicating and we ship to all 50 states and Puerto Rico. We duplicate all types artist from various genres, whether it’s rap or rock we are here to duplicate your CD’s. We are located in the Atlanta, Georgia metro area and we have been duplicating and burning CD’s since 2001.