CD Duplication Atlanta

Atlanta, is home to Atlantadisc Manufacturing. The CD printing business offers services for producing CDs and DVDs with a range of packaging choices. To provide you with a low-cost, one-stop CD reproduction solution, we have access to the best DVD and CD manufacturing facilities in the US.  We supply high-quality goods to you in the US, throughout America , and Puerto Rico for DVD and CD manufacturing on all popular disc production formats.

Atlanta CD Duplication Or CD Pressing

Our manufactured discs are produced by factory pressing stampers made utilizing the glass mastering technique. We guarantee that this makes our DVD and CD pressings compatible with all disc players. Because they are less compatible than pressed discs, we do not create CD duplication on recordable discs. Our order minimum is 500 pieces. Call Atlantadisc Manufacturing at 678-780-1722 to learn more about our CD and DVD duplication service.

Printing CDs in Atlanta

We print CDs using two alternative techniques. They are Thermal CD printing, which produces better results for solid blocks of color, which is best suited for reproducing photographic images. All of our CD duplication costs include full-color CD printing. If you’re not sure which printing technique is appropriate for your project, get in touch with Pure Music, and we’ll be happy to go through your alternatives depending on your requirements and your available budget.

American CD Packaging

We provide a wide selection of full-color CD packaging options at Atlantadisc Manufacturing to suit your taste and price range. The CD album cover is still a popular option, and we can print CD booklets with anywhere between 2 and 32 pages to go with it. We also provide alternative CD card packaging that is reasonably priced while maintaining a professional appearance.

We can help you create a bigger effect on your project with card packaging alternatives, depending on the size of your budget. DigiPaks, DigiFiles, and Ecojackets are a few of them. Every CD packaging we use is printed on paper that is 70 to 90% recyclable. Additionally, we print with organic inks that are primarily made from soy or rapeseed.

USA CD Production Time

Contrary to USA CD duplication, CD manufacturing requires more time. CD masters need to be examined before being glass mastered. The stamper is made by electroplating the glass master. The artwork is produced, reviewed, and submitted to the printers while this process is ongoing. We need between 12 and 16 working days to finish a CD replication job from beginning to end.

Contact Atlantadisc Manufacturing right away for more details about our CD and DVD manufacturing services. All you have to do to have a better idea of how our final items seem is ask for a sample. For you to further examine, we would be happy to send a sample of one of our prior manufacturing goods. Call Atlantadisc at 678-780-1722 if you need a CD manufacturing service