Deciding which way to go when it comes to CD Duplication or Replication is important to any artist. Now days CD Duplicaton is the quicker faster way to go. A duplicated CD is not only done in a different process but it also has different final outcome. There are two ways to create CD’s. One is when a CD is burned and this is called CD Duplication or CD Pressing. The other way is done in factory and this a manufactored CD and this is called CD Replication.

Understanding these two process are important for you and the decision inwhich you will decide which is the best fit for you. A duplicated CD is not only different from a replicated CD it is also very different in teh final process. When you duplicate a CD you end up with CD-R or a DVD-R. When a CD is replicated it is made from a glass master and the CD is Stamped out and not burned by a CD Burner like a duplicated CD.

CD duplication is similiar to CD Burning on your personal Computer. A CD / DVD diplicator takes information from a masterdisc and writes it to blank discs. This makes a complete copy of the master. The difference between burning on a computer and using someone like is that we have multiple CD burning towers that burns hundred of CD’s at one time. The towers have various trays that allows us to burn CD’s  simultaneously.

CD Replication is a manufactoring process usually done in a factory. A glass master is created from the master CD supplied from the client. The glass master is used to create a stamper. The stamper is loaded into injection mold machine. This injection mold machine will create CD’DVD replicates.

The Advantage of CD Duplicaton is that the turn times are faster. CD duplication can be done in 1 day to 2 to 3 days. Replication make take up to 7 to days depending on how many you are trying to do. Replication is usualy done in quantities of 500 and higher, where you can duplication as low as 25 copies.


CD duplication and replication mainly work the same for the end user. most customers of your music will not know the difference. With CD-R’s sometimes they will not play in some Car stereos, you will not hav that problem with CD replication. CD Duplicaton is cheaper and will work with your budget and are great for promtional usage.