CD Packaging and CD Printing has developed a user-friendly website and virtual marketplace. If you have any queries regarding our CD Duplication service, please contact us at 678-780-1722 or [email protected] We deliver excellent service and products. We satisfy your project specifications, whether they are huge or little, and we have you covered. CD and DVD printing are among the many services we provide. We do not use paper labels and instead print directly on the CDs. We are suitable for CD Baby CD Duplication if you have a CD that you are selling on We specialize in low-volume CD duplication.

What Should You Know About CD Copying?

CD copying is accomplished by laser burning recordable CD’Rs. This procedure is identical to that of burning CDs on your personal computer. What we provide is of a higher quality. Our print jobs are suited for short print runs of 500 or fewer. We start with 25 CDs and work our way up to 5000 CDs. The advantage of CD duplication is the availability of full color printing and short turnaround production periods. When you pick this method of CD duplication, you will receive your CDs quickly. You will be delighted with our prompt service and high-quality items. You may order CD Duplication from the convenience of your own home or business.

Services for CD and DVD Printing

If you only need blank CDs for your project, we can print them for you and you may burn them as needed. We provide simple black text thermal printing as well as full color printing. We will be able to fulfill your request professionally and on schedule. We can provide you with pre-printed CD and DVD discs that you may burn your own professional material on. You may also have us burn your CDs. Churches and missions benefit greatly from pre-printed discs. You can use these discs to burn your sermons to. Our CD printing service is ideal for individuals who want to optimize and organize their data files, as well as convenience of access to their digital information.

Packaging for CDs and DVDs
The CD packaging we provide is likewise of the finest quality. We can provide a wide range of CD and DVD cases, from thin cases to jewel cases. We also have in-house CD cover designers that can produce artwork for you. We only need your CD Idea and design suggestions. Please email us at [email protected] for further information. Please do not hesitate to call us at 678-780-1722 if you have any queries. We strive to provide the finest service and quality possible.

Bulk withBlack Print

Quantity Price
25 $15
50 $25
100 $40
200 $80
300 $117
400 $156
500+ $195
Large Quantities Call For Prices. All Jobs are Thermal Print


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