Cheap CD Duplication and Packaging


We are the kingz of short run CD Duplication specialist. We have more than 10 years of experince in the CD Duplication game. If you are working with a tight budget, we are the company for you. We offer CD Duplication with various packaging options. Whether you need cases, sleeves, or Digi paks we have you covered. If you  are lookng for quality CD and DVD Duplication and printing service then Atlantadisc is the place for you. We  can offer you high end cd duplication and packaging or value for money duplication.


We strive to keep our cost low so we can past that on to you in our CD Duplication pricing. We aim to beat as many of our comptetitors as possible. We prints CD Inserts starting at 50 qty running up to 5,000 qty.  Understanding the needs of our clients is our main priority when it comes to CD Duplication. We offer some of the most competitve pricing in our industry, we are truly a one stop shop for CD and DVD Duplication.


Our short run CD duplication is great for artists / musicians who want to sell their CD project. We offer a variety of CD Duplication packages for your project. Give us a call to get your project started
or email us today about your job. Call us at 678-565-8630

Some of the CD packaging and DVD packaging that we can produce includes:

  1. DVD (Amaray Style) Case
  2. Slimline DVD Case
  3. Slimline Cases
  4. Eco Wallets
  5. Polywallets
  6. Jewel Case
  7. Clamshells
  8. CD and DVD CD Cases
  9. Digipacks

Bulk with Black Print

Quantity Price
25 $15
50 $25
100 $39
200 $78
300 $117
400 $156
500+ $195
Large Quantities Call For Prices. All Jobs are Thermal Print