Pricing for Duplicating 500 CDs at $195

Obtain 500 CD Duplications from us for just $195. We use UPS and USPS to ship nationwide.

The minimum quantity for CD duplication is 25 and the maximum is 5,000. This is fantastic for rappers and bands since you can get high-quality CDs quickly and at no extra cost to your specifications.

Our CD Duplication service is perfect if you need more than 500 copies of a disc. CD Duplication uses CD burning technology to produce professional-quality discs at a lower per-disc cost than alternative techniques.

Included thermal printing, unlimited character count, room for custom graphics and text.

Rapid response time. We provide nationwide and Puerto Rican delivery.

We may be reached at 678-780-1722 or [email protected] if you’d like to get in touch.

CD Replication

The Benefits of Using CD Replication for Your Task
If you need less than 500 copies for your project, our CD duplication services in Atlanta will accommodate you with high-quality audio, friendly service, and quick turnaround.

Understanding the importance of the information or music you need encoded and burnt into CDs, we take a businesslike approach to working with each and every one of our customers. This gives you the peace of mind to trust in the service and the final result we deliver. We utilize only the highest quality compact discs in our manufacturing service, and we put every batch through rigorous quality testing to ensure that it meets our exacting standards for durability and consistency.

We use CD duplication towers to complete our procedure. You may copy CDs in a flash with the help of the tower’s bank of up to 15 CD writers, which function much like the drives in your personal computer at home or the workstation at the workplace.

Depending on the number of CDs you need to duplicate, we will employ as few or as many towers in conjunction as necessary to complete your project.


Bulk withBlack Print

Quantity Price
25 $15
50 $25
100 $40
200 $80
300 $117
400 $156
500+ $195
Large Quantities Call For Prices. All Jobs are Thermal Print


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