Digipak CD Duplication


Since they are one of the most widely used packaging forms, digipaks are in high demand. It is made of cardboard and is the same size and shape as a typical CD jewel case. You should be aware that jewel cases are still used to package CDs, although they have drawbacks such being simple to shatter and scratch. Yet, there is one choice—4 panel digipaks—that is particularly advantageous to the music business. Board digipak can be used for your priceless albums.

The most popular option for CD packaging among musicians is Digipak. Digipaks with four panels are also known as digipaks with four panels of personalized color printing. Back cover, inside left, inside right, and front cover are all present. It is constructed from sustainable materials like 2mm thick hard cover or 350gsm cardboard. Additional panels, inserts, or several discs (such as 4-panel, 6-panel, or even 16-panel) can all be added. Visit atlantadisc.com if you’re looking for a more cutting-edge and environmentally responsible alternative to jewel cases.

We are happy to provide a wide range of digipak alternatives so you can express yourself via your media. We offer reasonably priced Panel Digipaks of high quality. We provide Digipaks of big label caliber that will highlight your project. Our four-panel digipaks are strong and stylish. You can choose from UV coated digipaks in matte or high gloss. You may simply find our business by searching for “4 panel digipaks near me.” We are incredibly well-liked in the market because of our amazing prices and typical industry turnaround times. We deliver to all 50 US states. With all of our packages, shrink wrap is an option. For larger quantities, you can order anything from 100 to 500 digipaks.