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Welcome to Atlanta Disc


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100 CD’s Duplicated For $39

[two-third]Atlantadisc.com is the top choice for  CD Duplication for Independent artists. We are Atlanta CD Duplication. Clients who choose Atlantadisc.com are always provided excellent customers service from beginning to end. We offer very affordable pricing for short run cd duplication. We have some of the best prices for mixtape duplication. We offer excellent CD Printing.  We are the Best Disc Makers.

We offer shipping around the country via UPS or USPS Priority mail. Customers that Utilize our service will be amazed at how fast we can turn around your job or project. We offer projects in Bulk, Jewel cases, Slim cases, Paper or clear plastic sleeves or Short Run Digi Packs (100 qty and Up). we are an authority on Bulk CD Duplication.

Atlantadisc.com uses cutting edge technology to produce your project, from printing to duplication. We are meticulous in our process so the customer has a hassle free experience when ordering from us. We guarantee cheap cd duplication prices that work with your budget in mind. New Duplication

We offer Cheap CD Duplication at a reasonable price. Get your CD Printing with Atlantadisc.com. We are the Best.

Call us today at 678-565-8630 for a price quote or email us at [email protected] .

If you need custom printed CD’s or Custom printed blank DVD’s, we can provide that service. We offer quick turn times and great prices for your project. Were here to meet all your CD duplication needs. Give us a call or shoot us an email. We print short run CD inserts. 50 CD inserts for $25 or 100 CD inserts for $40, pick them up here in town or have them shipped to you. We offer CD Duplication. Sitemap

CD Duplication

The People and Clients who like our CD Duplication service are Independent Artists and musicians. We have a lot Mixtape Dj’s, Churches, Music Ministries, indie Rock bands and Indie Rap Artist who love our cheap service. Our Clients find that our cheap CD Duplication service is not only the cheapest CD duplication prices but also the best quality for their money and investment. We make your project stand out and look great for a very affordable price. We are the top CD Duplication Service.

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We are the leader in CD Duplication atlanta, georgia. Call us at 678-780-1722. We can turn around your job fast.


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[section_title] SPECIAL ITEMS [/section_title]




[section_title]100 BULK CD’s[/section_title]

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[section_title]100 BULK COLOR CD’s [/section_title]

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[section_title]100 GLOSS CD INSERTS[/section_title]

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