As an artist, you feel all you must do is create beautiful sounds and put them on a recording for others to hear and buy. We all know, the business of making and selling music is not that simple. The operative phrase is not, “If you build it, they will come.” The problem is, if they don’t know where to go to get your music or even if your music exists, they will never come. You must attract listeners, to have following, to attract fans. That means, you must use every avenue available, to inform the listener of your existence and to let them know where to buy your music. This must be done, by going to the listener and giving them that information by marketing your music.
Marketing Your Music
Marketing your music today involves using the old tried and true techniques, the new techniques, and a whole lot of creativity.
The Old Techniques
With the old techniques, you can employ playing your music in live venues such as concerts, special events, night clubs, etc.; recording your music and sending it to record labels and radio stations; promoting your music with promotional appearances, and then repeating the entire process all over repeatedly.

The New Techniques
The current techniques include social media marketing, signing up with a streaming service; using electronic press kits, and getting your music placed on a few popular curator’s playlists. With these current methods of being heard, your music will be available for many people; more than would have been present at one of your concerts. There will be thousands of listeners who will being getting their first opportunity to hear your music. Plus, now they can buy your music, making it possible for you to make even more recordings in the future.
If you’re considering a streaming service, knowing which platform attracts which listener is also a benefit of which you should take advantage. For instance, Amazon is known for attracting Country Music listeners, Deezer for its listeners of Caribbean and Latin American music, and Spotify for its Hip Hop music followers. If you know that, it’s easier to select a streaming service that will attract your listeners.

Creativity &
Creativity is necessary for successful music marketing. Examples of music industry creativity include Ed Sheeran’s break from making music which he announced in a social media post, followed by a return that included a blue square announcing the upcoming release of the album, “Divide;” and then finally the release of “Castle on the Hill” and “Shape of You” that started at number 1 and 2 of the U.K.’s music charts. Another two artists that use Instagram and Snap Chat to promote their music are Drake and DJ Khalid. Drake promotes his meme and DJ Khalid introduces new sayings and his personal thoughts. Other artists use limited editions to attract and hold the attention of their fans. There are countless ways to attract and hold the attention of your listeners. Be creative and develop yours.
Knowing Your Market
An essential element to successful marketing is knowing and understanding your market. Using the data analytics metrics used by streaming services can be an essential element to gaining that knowledge and the inevitable success that follows. If you can gain access to it, use the metrics of an artist you admire in your music genre as a template to copy. Try to emulate his or her climb to success mimicking their data analytics as closely as possible.

If you employ these methods and your music is on point, success is within your grasp. Good Luck.