CD Duplication in 2021 and Beyond

Despite the resurgence of vinyl, the production of hard music sources is slowing due to the growth of streaming.   Still, the compact disc or the CD is surviving despite the challenges.  Maybe it’s due to the CD’s long life of nearly 30 years.  A few CD duplication services have closed their doors, but it’s much like the rest of commerce.  Many businesses have closed due to the pandemic and the economy. The ones who are still open are merely open because of their tenacity.  Those that have cut staff and focused their remaining employees’ energies on clients that generate production activity are still in business as any businesses that is still thriving despite this pandemic.

Cars with CD Players

Where do you stand?  But do yourself a favor and don’t give up on the CD yet.  You can see the continued fight for the CD in the auto industry.  As car makers are no longer putting CD players into their new cars.  I like many others have an extensive CD collection and I will continue to listen to my collection while driving. In 2020, some car makers listed CD players as being optional so you the buyer could select the model with the CD player if desired.  Only a few 2021 cars are being built with CD players.  These are the 2021 Volkswagen Golf Estate S, the Lexus ES, and the Mazda 6.   There will always be CD lovers as the standard is move manageable than cassettes or 8-tracks.

There Will Always Be CD Lovers

While many people are not playing CDs like before. There are still many who enjoy the convenience of the CD and have yet to embrace streaming in a big way.  Many are downloading music onto computers, cell phones and iPods, but still listening with zeal to their CDs.  I still have a personal CD player and many people do.  I get excited when I can buy a new single that I like on CD.  I know I will get many hours of listening pleasure from a newly bought CD.

If you’re still making CDs, there will be someone to duplicate them for many seasons into the future.  Why?  Because we still listen to CDs and we will for many years to come.  Why?  Everyone will not be able to buy all the new gadgetry that updates a family, taking them from CDs to streaming whole cloth.  Some will enjoy the change in drips and drabs, and a few will sell out to the process whole heartedly.  If you look to your right, you’ll see someone clinging to their vinyl albums and if you look to the left, you’ll see the streaming music lover.  Just look straight ahead and you’ll see your brethren as he enjoys the latest release pressed onto the CD.  Do yourself a favor though, don’t give up on CDs.  Its life is far from over if you and many of your friends and customers are actively listening to CDs.