Short Run CD Duplication Specialist

Short run CD duplication refers to the manufacture of preprint DVDs or CDs stacked in a suitable CD packaging for a quantity of approximately 500 units. Typically, CD replication is used to create CD-ROMS in quantities greater than 500 units. CD replication involves the creation of a crackerjack disc, which is then used to create a polished stamper, which is then packed in panels for CD replication that are made of fresh polycarbonate.

When a short run disc is required, which requires fewer than 500 units, the replication process is cost-effective up to and including 500 units. Short-run CD duplication has an economic justification. Duplication towers of CD, which are banks and rows of CD burners, are used by these services to take your blank CDs and replicate the content inside them. Depending on the number of burners, this process of copying may be completed even more quickly. Consequently, it is a much better choice for you to test.

Benefits of Using These Services

You can take use of the advantages of a more durable disc and a lower cost per unit as compared to duplicating DVDs or CDs. However a number of people choose the duplicating process for a variety of reasons. Let’s examine some of the most important advantages of using short run CD duplicating services.

Lesser quantities are available, and the replication-related projects require at least 500 units. This is due to the rigorous pre-production labor that occurs just before pressing begins. You can duplicate DVDs and CDs without having to hold them all; simply place them inside the drive and press the duplication button to begin. You may choose from a variety of reduced prices, but you would still receive the necessary number of CDs. With the aid of small run CD duplication, you may improve turn around times and have the option of digital printing.