Spotify Reigns as the Number One Music Streaming Service

The giant music industry’s latest listening option, streaming has led the industry to $4.3 billion in revenues.  Eighty percent of that revenue is attributed to its successful streaming services of which Spotify is currently number one with over 100 million subscribing listeners.  Pandora and Apple Music follow with around 60 million subscribers.  You may be asking yourself, “What makes Spotify so much more popular?”

Benefits of Music Streaming

The first benefit of streaming is that it has drastically reduced instances of piracy in the music industry.  The second benefit is that the consumer is not obligated to buy music to listen to it.  Now, they can simply subscribe to a streaming service and listen until they are content.  Given the inherent benefits, music streaming is poised to continue its reign over music listening access.

Benefits of Using Spotify

Spotify attained its top position and maintained it because it is globally available unlike Apple Music, Google Play, Joox, etc.  Spotify can be used on multiple platforms: web apps, mobile apps, and desktop apps including Windows, Mac, and Linux.  Spotify offers both a free account filled with features like the ability to create playlists.  Its only down fall is the listener must hear ads every four songs.  Spotify’s music collections are the most extensive among all the streaming services.

With a subscription to Spotify, you can legally download music to your PC and play it anytime you’re in the mood for music.  You don’t need an internet connection.  Some artist object to the basic premises behind Spotify and may therefore pull their music.  But history has shown that Spotify has endured this kind of avoidance well and came out the winner (i.e., Taylor Swift’s boycott).  Just wait, in time every artist will be on Spotify and you will have your subscription already.  You’ll be in the cat bird’s seat ready to enjoy the music.