We offer streaming cards for your music that will take your friends, fans and family to your music platforms where  they can listen to your music to ends delight. Remember the more streams you receive the more money you can make through your hard produced music. Streaming cards are great way to get your music out in front of your fans. We design an eye popping streaming card with a QR code that people will scan with their smart phone that will take them to your music platform.

You can promote all of your digital releases with  these streaming cards. These cards are great for music release parties. You will get paid for your streams. Streaming cards are a great alternative to making physical copies of your music and go hand in hand with your physical releases.

You can share these card with fans to promote your music on platforms like spotify, tidal, Amazom Music, Youtube Music, Apple Music, and  Itunes. If you have music on the platforms we can help you get streams. The cards we print are printed on quality card stock. Click Here for More Information on streaming Cards