If you’re an artist, you need to be fully aware of how much the influence social media can have on promoting your music. If you do nothing else to promote your music, you must take this one important strategic step:  find some social media websites that will allow you to promote and share your music. Then inspire your fans to share your music while attracting other listeners. This move will grow your fan base fast and wide. The sites listed below should be considered and used whenever possible.


After you have exhausted all these social media options, try these promotional steps also.

  1. Develop a Hashtag for your music. Post it and if you own it, others who use it with provide you with user-generated content every time it’s used.
  2. Make sure your social network is constantly updated to always leave your fans with a good impression.
  3. Share content, user-generated and third-party with your fan-based community. Your brand will grow from these steps and your name will easily be on every tongue that listens to your genre of music.