What is Zoom and How Can it Help You?

Founded in 2011, Zoom is an audio and web conferencing platform that is used to conduct meetings with employees and co-workers. Family members use it to chat with each other. Social groups, religious congregations, scouts, leaders, etc. can use to rally, inform, and teach. You have the option of selecting video conferencing or audio when joining the meeting. Participants can use their cell phones, landline phones, laptops, desktops, tablets, or conferencing systems to participate in the meetings. This single app is used to connect the sign-in codes allowing access.


What Can You Do on Zoom?

Who Uses Zoom?

Zoom is used primarily by U.S. citizens, with growing numbers in other countries. The United Kingdom is second in its use of the app, followed by Canada, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, India, Brazil, France, and Spain. Small companies take full advantage of the app with 43% of usage coming from companies with less than 50 employees. Of the 60,000 companies that use Zoom, 21% of them have 1000 or more employees. Zoom currently has a 13.6% market share of their industry and ranks second after Skype. Most of you will remember the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, this early Fall when we watched concerts that were conducted virtually. While it may not have been the app Zoom that was used, it gives you yet another idea of how Zoom could be beneficial to you and yours.


If you’re company employs six workers, it may make sense to consider using Zoom, especially if there is long distance preventing regular meetings and creating communication issues for your venture. It’s easy to get started. Register with Zoom and then activate your account. Schedule a Zoom meeting by sending the participants a Zoom link with the meeting’s date and time information. Invite others to join you by phone or by cloud room connector or virtual room connector. All participants will need to sign on with your meeting ID and a password number.