So many times people come to my office to press up a 100 CD’s for their project. I sometimes get the impression that their thinking that there going to change the world with those 100 CD’s. Yes this is great place to start but not great place to end. 100 CD’s is hardly scratching the surface of the potential fan base you might be able to build up.  There are also guys pressing up 20,000 CD’s and that’s your competition.  You might say well I can’t afford to press up 20,000 CD’s. That’s when you need to put together your team, which also includes an investor who has the money and believes in your music. Who is this person? Well you might want to find a business owner who has an entrepreneurial spirit and loves the type of music you do or has a dream of being in the music business. You might find a lawyer or Doctor who is interested in music to back your career. I saw an artists who put an add on Craigslist looking for investors, that was a cool idea.

An investor might pay for your video. You definitely need a video for youtube now days. There are directors shooting really good music video for about $500 to $800 that look professional and can compete with videos you see on MTV and BET. Technology has made the music recording and video recording so cheap these days that you can get away with murder. Your investor can pay for your studio time and your producer who does your music.

The artists that I have seen that are successful are the one with a team of people helping the career along. The artists who try to do everything by themselves end up on the short end of the stick. You need a manager and an investor nowadays to take it to the next level. You need club DJ spinning your music, you need to try to break college radio and smaller markets might be willing to spend your music on the radio. You can’t do all this by yourself, you need a team. Start putting your team together with like minded friends and family if you can. If you don’t have any friends search out people who have the same ambitions as you do. Two people working on something usually get more done than just one person.

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