Apple Music vs. the Rest

Apple Music cannot be equated with other online music libraries or audio and music streaming services because it has been a pioneering product & service in more ways than one. However, the fact is there are other music libraries and streaming services available today and all of them have a few strengths that can match those of Apple Music. Every year there are substantial changes in features, availability, inventory and pricing of such services. It is better to compare the various pros and cons based on the latest facts. A comparison dating back a year or two may be irrelevant and might lead you to choose the wrong provider. Here is a brief but factual comparison of Apple Music and the rest.

There are four major competitors of Apple Music. These are Spotify, Google Play Music, Amazon Prime Music and Pandora. There are other players around the world but almost none of them come close to the omnipresence and omnipotence that Apple Music enjoys. It is futile to compare with smaller players as they don’t stand a chance to fight.


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