CD Duplication Promotes Your Rock Band to Stardom

By B. L. Barbour

Is your ultimate plan to be a famous rock band with all the trimmings that stands out in a very competitive industry? If you so, one of the most important moves you can make at the beginning stages of your career is to keep your sound distributed in the market place. Maybe you’ve signed your first deal, maybe not.  Either way you should contribute to self promotion by distributing music CD’s even if it’s only on a small scale.


Start with a recording of your music. Create a master and then use it to make duplicates. Make duplicates to distribute to potential music collaborators such as managers, producers, recording studio heads and radio deejays.  Make at least 100 to give away and more if you plan on selling to fans or concert attendees.  Give away the first CD’s to the promoters and sell the remaining CD’s, to fans and concert attendees.


Now measure the reaction to this first release.  If the demand for more music is great, release more of your previously composed music.  Because previously composed music has been archived, it is easy enough to release it in a new recording within weeks. Fulfill any demand from fans with these new releases by submitting another master and producing more duplicate CD’s.  Keep your fans placated with these duplicates until you land contract with a record label.  After that your record label will produce even more music and keep your fan base contented with the steady release of new music.


Be smart and supply the public with a steady flow of your band’s music.  Don’t fall prey to the belief that ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’.   Instead, hold onto to the awareness that if your music is ‘out of sight, it will be out of mind’.  Don’t allow that to happen.  Provide your fans with new examples of your band’s music through the use of CD duplication until you’re finally producing albums with your new record label.

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