You have recorded all you material and it sounds good. Now you know you have the websites you want to place it on like Soundcloud and Spotify. But you also want some physical copies for shows, because you know telling fans from the stage your website URL’s will be a hard sell and how many people will remember it after thew show. Plus you know you can make a little money selling a CD a lot more than someone streaming your music on Youtube.

If you want to start hustling and get your grind on you want to music in the hands of potential fans and there is no better way than an old fashion CD sell. You can always use new tools like Twitter and Facebook to get you name out there and let people know exactly what is going on in your career. You can steer people in the direction of your band camp and souncloud pages but the personal touch of selling a fan a CD can not be touched, plus it helps with the investment of your project by having  a return on investment.

Artists nowadays are talking about being a Brand. What is your brand? Your music is your brand, your swagger, Your style, your demeanor, this all adds up to be your brand. You just just had a local show and you opened for a big act, now the fans remember you go home and try to google your name but they can’t remember exactly how it’s spelled they want to look you up but they can’t ind on you online. What if you had sold them a CD from your merch table after the show, you might have a fan for life.

Engage your fans with CD’s it’s still the best and fastest way to get your music in their hands. Don’t sleep on CD Duplication and CD manufacturing. Remember that is your onestop shop for short run cd duplication. you can order just enough for your next show or event.

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