It Takes 100 CD’s to Properly Promote Your Name

By B. L. Barbour


Trying to get recognized as a new artist in the music industry requires some basic steps.  Choose a genre of music to specialize in and master your sound.  Hone your stage performances which include devising a look that captures the audience and practicing your dance moves and/or stage presence. Get your music distributed to anticipating ears, your audience.  The right distribution demands the assistance of the powers that be: radio, recording houses, music distribution outlets, house-party DJ’s, and the public.  Make sure your music is heard with live performances and well distributed recorded discs.


To get your music out to the public at-large, record a song or a group of songs and then make a CD.    Selling some CD’s each time you perform to your audience is only going to enable a few people to hear your music.  If you want to be heard by hundreds and maybe thousands, you need to send CD’s to recording houses, music producers and radio DJ’s.  These are the people that can push your music and promote your album.


Give yourself some additional exposure by making sure you have an internet presence: a website or a single page with news postings.  If you can design a very complex website you can include streaming music from your albums.  Buy, if you have at least an email address, fans can contact you.  With this information well circulated you can stay in touch with your fans, gauge how fast your popularity is growing and find out what your fans are enjoying about your work.  Once your contact information is established, the next step is to get your music on the popularity charts.


After making your master in the recording studio, go directly to the best CD duplicating company.  Have a minimum of 100 CD’s duplicated from your master.  Apply tasteful artwork and information to the CD, so whoever is listening to your music can easily identify who the artist is.  You don’t want there to be any missteps in this process, so make sure you include the artist’s or group’s name, contact information (studio, phone number, website, email, social media contacts) and the song list.  Make sure they can identify the title of the album and the individual tunes on the disc. 


With these basic steps under your belt, you can begin to watch the growth of your music career.  Among the recipients of those 100 CD’s, there will be someone who’s is in a position to offer you a glimpse at the growing music career.  If you really believe in your music, start with as few as 100, but you can start with more if you believe in your CD.  To ensure you reach the music mogul who will take you from start-up directly to superstar, send as many CD’s as you can.  You deserve the best exposure you can get.



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