Bulk CD’s On The Cheap

When you are an up and coming artist or in a group ready to get more exposure, it is very important to take advantage of any good promotional tool available. Usually when you are a performer or group trying to get your name out, you are probably doing it on a tight budget. Anything you spend money on towards promotion should be made wisely as to ensure a proper return on your investment.

Advertising With Promotional CD’s

One very impactful way to do to get your name out is to pass out promotional CD’s with your music on it. You can do this in a number of ways such as going out to a festival or to the parking lot before a concert of a more popular group who plays similar music and passing out your demo CD. Doing this works best because it gets your music in the hands of the people who would most likely enjoy it. Not only will they hear this music but they will also have a physical object with your name on it which is one of the oldest and truest tricks in the advertising trade.

Another yet less direct way is to leave your CD’s in random places like in buses and train stations, park benches or any public place where people may come across it. There is a much high chance you CD will end up in the trash this way, but I believe it to be good for getting your music out to people who would probably be interested or exposed otherwise. Also like with the direct approach your new listeners will have a physical item with your name on it. It’s like having a flyer with music on it.

Merchandising With Bulk CD’s

Once you get people into the door you should offer longer play (or more songs, more content) CD’s for the people who came and enjoyed your show. This is not only how business has always been done in the music industry, this is a great way to make a few extra dollars on top of the door and make back the money you spent for your promotional investment.

Where Can I Buy And Copy My CD’s In Bulk

There are many ways to go about doing this. I caution that DIY is not a good idea unless you happen to own a duplication machine. It is too tasking on computers and is just not time efficient.  The route I have found is and online service called AtlantaDisc.com


AtlantaDisc.com is a disk duplicating company that offers great deals and service for mass duplicating CD’s. AtlantaDisc.com offers great deals like 100 bulk CD’s with black print / text for $39. Also AtlantaDisc.com offers a 24-48 hr turn around for projects that need to get done quick.





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