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Cheap CD Duplication

How to choose the best CD duplication service

There are A LOT of cheap CD duplication services out there to pick and choose from, and all of them are going to promise the moon and the stars when it comes to results.

Sadly, many of them aren’t going to be able to meet your expectations. Worse than that, many of them will offer really low and competitive prices, but their cheap CD duplication services are filled with errors and low quality reproductions.

But that doesn’t mean that you’re going to have to settle for those low level CD duplications. All you have to do is streamline your search process, really outline your expectations, and always commit to work with a company like and you’ll be good to go!

This quick guide will show you everything you have to focus on when it comes to finding the best cheap CD duplication service around!

Outline your expectations in advance

Look, let’s get this out of the way right now.

It will be IMPOSSIBLE for you to find the right cheap CD duplication service that you can actually trust until you take the time to really outline your expectations. Only after you know what you want your finished product to look like will you know whether or not you’re working with a company that can handle the heavy lifting of CD duplication for you!

Take time to perfect your CD Master

A lot of people are so excited to get their CD Master off to the cheap CD duplication service that they don’t take the time necessary to really perfect the Master so that all duplicates are as close as possible to perfect.

Any imperfections in your Master are going to be carried over to your duplicates, no matter how small or inconsequential they may seem at the start.

Not only do you need to verify that your Master has pitch perfect audio (or that the data has been burned to the disc without errors) but you’ll also want to make sure that the metadata, design, and packaging is all set as well.

This is where a lot of people drop the ball, and the area you’ll need to focus the bulk of your attention. Verify that your Master disc is perfect, that the session is closed, and that your artwork and designs have been produced to the specs of the cheap CD duplication service.

Knock all of these things out of the park with your Master – and make sure you’re working with a top shelf company with a sterling silver reputation like – and you’ll be good to go!

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