Cheapest CD Duplication Prices

When bands and performers first start out they cannot afford but to get the most out of every dollar they spend as an enterprise. The gear, the practice space, the transportation are all staggering strains before a band or performer gets into a studio or record their own material which is a whole other laundry list of costs before they ever make a return on the previous investments.

Sure bands and performers can make money playing shows and selling t-shirts and stickers at the show. But without having recorded music it’s harder to get better paying gigs without a proper press package with a cd along with your picture and bio. Also any band or performer is missing a vital and top selling item at any merch booth, specifically records or CD’s.

So, Bands Are Expensive

As I mentioned before, the costs for running a performance group or as an individual performers is very costly. The best way to navigate all the costs and make the most of your raw talent, you should run this like a business because it is a business. Try to cut cost and get the most out of every decision you make.

Ways to Save Money Running Your Music Business

There are a lot of ways to save money running your music business. (yes we are calling your band or your own personal music talent a “music business” because it is a business) One way many music businesses can cut cost is in recording. Many want to get into a nice studio right away, this is not a good idea because obviously it is expensive. It is far better to go DIY and understand the recordings yourself.

Another good way to save money is to package distribution of your music and your advertising or promotion all into one. You can do all this and get a return on your investment. This is done by going to the time honored tradition of selling CD’s.

Cheap CD Duplication At

The best way to do this is to get a mass amount of CD’s for a low price. I have found that provides a great service doing just this. I have found many great deals though and I personally recommend the 100 b/w print CD’s for only $39. This is a great deal that gets your music physically in the hands of your listeners.


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