short_run_CD Duplication

Do you need short run CD Duplication. Well I’d like to tell you that we are the kings of short run CD Duplication. With over ten years of experience we can duplicate you project in matter of days. If you are local we can have your job done even quicker. We offer cheap CD Duplication that meets your budget so you save your money and make a wise investment in your music. CD Duplication is one of the best ways of getting your music into the hands of your fans and it’s a great way to make new people into fans of your music.

We have a special where we duplicate 100 CD’s for $39 on a spindle with black text of all the pertinent information you would like to print on the CD. You can get up to 79 minutes of Audio on the CD and you can print all your social media info on the disc.

Take some time to browse thru the site and then you can give us a call 678-780-1722 or you can email us at [email protected]



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