Choose Cheap CD Duplication without Compromising Quality or Compatibility

The cost of dealing with compact discs, whether it is reading and writing data or duplicating the content on another disc, has reduced considerably in recent years. One of the most significant developments has been the quality of cheap CD duplication. Not too long ago, one had to rely on the finest software to duplicate compact discs. Today, there are some free software and some premium applications that don’t cost much. It is needless to mention that the latter will offer you better quality.

The best cheap CD duplication method is to hire an expert. There is no dearth of online services wherein you can opt for cheap CD duplication regardless of the number of copies you want. Of course there will be a substantial discount if you are going for bulks or larger quantities. It must be noted that cheap CD duplication should not be confused with ordinary reading, saving and writing information on a new disc, that you may perform on a desktop or laptop using some reader writer software.

One of the things you should bear in mind at the time of opting for cheap CD duplication is compatibility. This depends on the exact method of duplication. Broadly, there are two methods used by professionals. One is duplication and the other is replication. The quality of the finished product is almost identical. There may be some subtle differences that almost no one will realize, either in terms of aesthetics of the contents being viewed or accessibility and performance of the disc. The only major issue is compatibility. Replicated discs will be compatible with all players, regardless of the technology and the version of the hardware. Duplicated disc may not be compatible with older players. The players must be compatible with CD-R or DVD-R to read duplicated discs.

If you are certain that the entire target audience or intended recipients have state of the art players then you can opt for cheap CD duplication. Else, you must choose cheap CD replication. Cheap CD duplication, also applicable for DVDs, includes setting up the media, there is no setup fee but a master test is performed, followed by a quality check and there is a proof provided to the client before proceeding to duplicating anywhere from one to thousands of discs. The replication method involves creating a glass master, there is a film output to check the disc art and then there is offset full color printing on the disc. It could also be screen print of the same quality. Finally, the replication process is undertaken. This process also involves master testing and quality assurance, proofing and mass replication but the method is not ideal for smaller bulks, say a few hundred.

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