Jumpstart Your Mission Outreach with CD Duplication

By B. L. Barbour

Jumpstart your mission outreach with an increase in the distribution of your pastor’s sermons, special meetings and your choir’s performances by recording the event on CD and duplicating them by the hundreds.  Share the good news with those who that couldn’t be present at the original event by sharing the recorded event.  The recording then becomes the master used to produce hundreds of copies or duplicates that can be distributed for a nominal sum.  This new stream of money can be used to fund any one of several important missions and to cover production costs.


Sell the CD’s for a few dollars as singles or in sets. Sell a set of sermons on a particular series of related topics or lessons.  Individual or unrelated topics can be sold as singles.  Your congregation or visitors can purchase the CD’s from your church’s bookstore. Because the recordings are on a master, they are archived.  This means you can order as many duplicates as you would like.  If your needs change, you can always order more of the same at a later date.


Think of this purchase as an investment in your ministry’s outreach.  The recordings help to enrich your membership’s grasp of the word and it gives them a useful tool for their ministry work.  Members can leave these CD’s with potential members with whom they are sharing their faith. The CD’s can also be used as a ride-along CD in their vehicle for the daily commute.  If they need a little inspiration to motivate them while at work, load the portable CD player and listen with headphones.


Churches should anticipate that demand for the CD’s will vary based on the event, the subjects being covered in the sermon, the choir’s performance or the guest speakers.  These variables should dictate the initial order, but a congregation size of 300 would indicate an initial order of 100 CD’s. The purchase order should be based on potential number of buyers and the popularity of the topic covered or the event, but in general expect a demand of one out of three.  So a congregation of 1000 would indicate at least 333 CD’s be generated for distribution.


Be a well equipped church by providing the tools your congregation can effectively use for their ministries.  Give them study and inspirational tools in the form of affordable CD’s that capture sermons, choir performances and other events for replay.  Your congregation will come to appreciate the opportunity the church has provided them to maintain a strong connection to God.


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