Okay for years they have been telling us that the CD is dead. But here we are years later still cranking out CD’s for our customers. The CD is still a great way to  promote your music or project. Every band or indie Artists should have CD’s as a part of the Merch table. Even  though industry wide CD sales are down it gives you an option of a way to get your music in the hands of your fans.

Streaming has given the music industry it’s biggest boost in revenue in years. Although signed major artist can make good money via streaming the indie artist has had hard time making money thru streaming do to only receiving pennies per stream. In Japan where streaming has not taking off, CD sales still responsible for 72% of sales.

We still have customers who make a living off selling their CD’s, a few hundred per week using a Guerilla style of selling CD’s one customer at a time, with a face to face sale.  The CD faces an up hill climb as more car companies remove CD players for their vehicles during manufacturing.

The CD can take a page from vinyl, which is making a comeback. Vinyl never completely went away like the 8-track and cassette tapes. Maybe there will will always be a place for the CD.

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