These are great ways to promote your music.

I would recommend you place your CD project on CDbaby because once you sign up with them they put your music on all the other platforms.  This a great way to reach a bigger audience. Once you get your music on a few of these digital platforms its up to you to promote the product. Social media like twitter, instagram andToday is a great time in music for cd duplication of your project because there are so many avenues for digital distribution of your project. You have websites like CD baby, tunecore, googleplay, Itunes, spotify and many more.   facebook are a great way to get the word out to your fans and future fans. The best plan is to offer a good mix of digital mp3’s for download and physical CD’s for distribution.  You will want to network with other artists, show promoters,etc and find a good CD duplicator like to meet your CD Duplication needs.  A good youtube video is a valuable way to promote your music, whether is just a music & lyric video or full music video, both are great options for music promotion. On the video youtube page you can have your Itunes download link for customers wanting to buy.

Don’t waste time making on your own CD’s in house if there not going to look professional. Let us do it for a cheap price. The worst thing you can do is make bad impression with your fans with some home made looking cd duplication. that’s just embarrassing to past out sub-par products and give off a bad impression.

This is the greatest time in history for independent artist to promote their music. The internet makes all things possible and might just give you the edge to break into the big leagues.

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