Many new Artists try duplicating their own CD’s.  They think they can reduce the price of CD Duplication by doing there own duplicating. We offer Cd Duplication as cheap as 39 cents a CD.  Many artist realize over time that this can cause big expense and overtime. Having a company like us duplicate your Cd’s should be high priority on your list. Having a professional company duplicate your CD’s has  big benefit for your career.


  1. We’ll save you money by letting us duplicate your CD’s.
  2. If we duplicate your CD’s there’s less chance of errors on the CD’s.
  3. We buy CD’s in bulk and can pass the Saving on to you.
  4. By letting us duplicate your CD’s instead of yourself we will save you time.


Here at Atlantadisc we have a team of professional CD Duplicators who can accurately reproduce your CD’s. By letting us duplicate your CD’s, a professional company you will be provided with an excellent quality product in the end process.

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