Long Term Growth

Long term growth of your music is better than a short term burst. Growing your music at a slow steady pace can pay off for your music career. Building a fan base is key to your long term music growth.

Communicate with your Fan Base

With a bevvy of social media tools at your disposal you have the best way of keeping up with your fans and letting them know what you are up to and where they can see, hear and purchase your music. You can use twitter, Facebook, Instagram, your website and email list to reach out to your fans at anytime.

Finding a Formula

Once you do something that works that is associated with your music and your career, repeat that formula over and over. Let’s say you sent out an email blast for your last show and a lot of people showed up for that show. Well, the next show make sure your repeat that formula.


Building Relationship

Build relationships with other artists, producers, studios, booking agents and any and everybody associated with the music scene in your area. If possible try not to burn bridges with people. You never know when you have to travel over that bridge again.


Treat your Music Like a Business

Treat your music like a business, it is called a music business. Don’t get a reputation as that guy or girl who shows up late and is unreliable. Be a person who stands behind their word. Join organization and trade organizations associated with your field of music.


No Your Fan Base

No what your fans appreciate about your music and talent. Understand what you fans want. You have to know what your current fans like and what a new fan base might be looking for you to do.


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