So many artists spend so much money, time and effort recording their project, only to have but a handful people listen to it.  What a lot of artists lack is promotional and marketing skills or just plain hustle.  Why spend all those hours recording and creating the project you hope to wow the world with only to have no one hear it. During the 11 years I’ve been doing CD duplication I’ve meet artists with a strong desire and hustle to move the project to the masses and I’ve meet artists who have no hustle and only the friends and family ewer hear their project. From guys who stand out in front of Walmart trying to hock his CD’s for 5 bucks or the guy who sells his CD at all his performances they seem to be the most successful at moving CD’s, mainly because they have that external hustle.  I once had a customer who made his living selling his CD’s. He literally spoke to everyone he walked by and asked them if they were interested in buying or listening to his CD.

The internet age has changed how you can sell your music online but few have harnessed the idea of doing it on a mass level.  You have, which is great tool for the independent artists to sell his CD online to various consumers around the world. I have sold CD’s on CDbaby to people as far away as Japan and Europe it’s a really great site that offers downloadable MP3’s as wells as hard copy CD’s.  Itunes  is great to but it’s hard for an independent artists to sell his project next to major label artists on that site. The people I see who most successful and moving units of their projects are the ones who perform a lot. If you are a good performer people will buy your CD after seeing your show. It’s an easy sell and most of the people I work with who do a lot of shows sell a lot of CD’s.

If you are an independent artists you have to be willing to wear many hats. One of those hats is of a marketer, so one who is willing to come out their shell and really be ready to put themselves out their even if may make them a little uncomfortable.  You might have to walk up on strangers and tell them your next big thing and by buying your CD you can prove it. It may take you setting up a table in the lobby of your next show with your CD on display for all to see. Remember it is called show BUSINESS

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