Being an independent artists is a real possibility with great reward today.  With more and more effective tools for marketing your music, your able to reach more people than ever now days. Today people are really looking for quality music. There are more and more musicians and artists than ever due to the technological advances. So to stand out you need to make quality music. So you want to start with a great idea and great music production.  You want to have good mix that sounds professional. Get opinions about your music from true listeners and not just your friends and family. Too many people don’t have an honest ear to rely on. They have friends and family who will not tell them truth or are just impressed with the fact that you can make music.

You want to find as many ways to promote your music like Facebook, Vevo, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram. Find as many ways to market your music. Also invest in a strong team with a good manager and someone to work as a publicist. Hire people to work your career.

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