Jay Z Is a Man of Many Talents

Rap sensation and business mogul, Jay Z, was born in early December of 1969 and he’s been famous for a long time. His recordings are some of the best-selling in history. Today, he’s sold in excess of one hundred million records and he’s received twenty-one Grammy Awards. In addition, MTV has referred to him as the greatest MC of all time.

Jay Z has become very wealthy due to his musical talents and business ventures. At this point, his total worth is estimated to be five hundred and twenty million dollars. He’s branched out into many different types of businesses. For example, he’s the co-owner of the New York 40/40 Club, which is a high-end sports bar. He’s also the driving force behind the popular, hip hop-inspired Rocawear brand.

If you love Jay Z’s music, you may be a fan of his wife’s music, too. As you probably already know, Jay Z is married to Beyonce, who recently released Lemonade in a music video format. Lemonade is believed to be her response to Jay Z’s infidelity. However, this acclaimed musical and video effort from Beyonce did not result in divorce. While the couple has reportedly had rocky times, they are still together and they have a daughter named Blue Ivy.

One of Jay Z’s latest ventures is Tidal. It’s a platform where users may pay a monthly subscription fee and access hot tunes. It’s similar to iTunes in that it features videos, whole albums and single songs. However, it’s subscription-based platform makes it different.

Kanye West’s new album was available exclusively through Tidal when it was first released. This promotional gambit was designed to pump life into Tidal, which has not been as successful as anticipated. It’s safe to say that Jay Z will keep fighting for Tidal and doing his best to make it profitable and popular. He’s committed to success in every area of his life and career.

Jay Z is a Hip Hop Legend

Jay Z inspires many people to get into music and business. His incredible success has taken him out of the hood and made him one of the biggest players in the music industry and a host of industries, including fashion and hospitality. Most things that he touches turn to gold and his live musical performances are confident, bold and energized.

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