Kanye West for President of the United States of America

By B. L. Barbour



Who do we usually pick for president of the United States?  Ever since the first president, George Washington most presidents are married men with children.  He or she would have a higher education and be between the ages of 42 and 69.  He must also be American born and should have served in public office.


So far with the exception of a higher education, Kanye West could be a good candidate for President of the United States of America in 2020.  He and Kim will have at least two children by then and he’ll have plenty of money to invest in a campaign if he chooses to finance it himself.  He currently has a net worth of $130 million.  With the addition of a clothing line to his rapping empire, his net worth is poised to continue growing.


What would his campaign slogan be? If we take a look at his latest song titles we may get some insight into Kanye West’s future concerns for our country.  His first album released in 2004 was titled “The College Dropout”. The whole focus of the album was to enlighten the leaders of our society.  It proceeded to show teachers, former employers, the police and record company executives that he made it despite their negativity. This could indicate that he’ll be a candidate who fights for the underdog.


His following album was entitled “Late Registration” suggesting that voter registration might be a focus.  Other subsequent albums include “Graduation” in 2007, “808s & Heartbreak” in 2008, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” in 2010, “Watch the Throne” which could suggest a problem with his possible election.  We the people may have difficulty with him as the president if he begins to think of himself as royalty.  You’re only allowed to serve two terms in this country.  No one is allowed to stick around indefinitely, like the royals.


“Yeezus” was released in 2013.  One of the songs on the album was called “I Am God”. Again, it may be a another bad omen that we should seriously consider before electing Kanye West as President, but we should watch closely what he releases in the future. Music is not politics.  When it’s time to run, he could have a very reasonable platform that we could all get behind and support

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