Hope There’s More Number One Hits from Mariah Carey

By BL. Barbour

Being a true fan of Mariah Carey, I can’t wait until she releases another number one hit.   It’s been ten years since she released her last album.   I follow great female singers almost religiously and I’m impatiently waiting for the next album.  I can’t wait to hear how she applies her impressive voice as well as her song writing and producing skills.  Her vocal range is at least five octaves.  She can expertly hit C3 to D7 and has in the past hit E7, F7 and G7.  Unfortunately, even she admits those were due to congestion when she was ill.  So far, her music has given the world two decades of pleasure.

Mariah Carey first topped the charts with her hit Vision of Love in 1990.  So far her career only follows the Beatles with the impressive 18 number one hits.  The Beatles had 27 number one hits; Mariah could catch up or surpass them.   She’s only 48, she could continue recording like Aretha Franklin, who is scheduled to release her latest album in September, 2017.  She is 75 years old.  If Mariah has a similar career span, we can expect another 27 years to enjoy this great divas voice, song writing and production skills.

From 1990 to present, Mariah has created great love and tribute songs as well as exciting dance music.  Off her debut album (Mariah Carey), Mariah released two singles that hit number one on the Billboard Pop chart.  Vision of Love was followed by the second hit, Love Takes Time.  It stayed at number one for three weeks, one week less than the first single.  In 1991, Mariah released Someday which held the number one spot for two weeks.  That same debut album was comprised of all four of Mariah’s first number one pop singles.  It also produced I Don’t Wanna Cry, which hit number one in 1991.

The second album called Emotions only produced one number one single, Emotions, which stayed at the top for three weeks.  In 1992, she released I’ll Be There a duet she performed with Trey Lorenz.  It held the number one position for two weeks.  Mariah Carey’s third album, Music Box produced Dreamlover and Hero, both released in 1993.  Hero stayed at number one for four weeks, but Dreamlover stayed twice as long for eight weeks.

Mariah’s Subsequent Number One Pop Releases

Songs                                                                                                    Release Date     on Top                 

Fantasy                                                                                           1995                       8 Weeks

One Sweet Day with Boys II Men                                              1995                       16 Weeks

Always Be My Baby                                                                      1996                       2 Weeks

Honey                                                                                              1997                       3 Weeks

My All                                                                                             1998                       2 Weeks

Heartbreaker featuring Jay-Z                                                    1999                       2 Weeks

Thank God I Found You featuring Joe and 98 Degrees          2000                       1 Week

We Belong Together                                                                      2005                       14 Weeks

Don’t Forget About Us                                                                  2005                       2 Weeks

Touch My Body                                                                              2007                       2 Weeks

Another exciting feat, accomplished by Mariah, is that she has written many of the songs she has released throughout her career.  Mariah collaborated in writing every number one song except her first three hits, Vision of Love, Love Takes Time and Someday plus I’ll Be There.  Out of the eighteen hits she only collaborated on fourteen.  Clearly, this woman is fabulous!  All she needs to do is give us more music.  We’d love to hear something new in 2017 and we know she’s got the talent to deliver it.





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