Why You Should Consider Short Run CD Duplication

CD and DVD’s represent one of the best ways to provide a tangible gift of media to someone.  Decorated, specially prepared, and often filled with meaning and information, CD’s and DVD’s are still going strong as countless industries rely on them daily.  Below, we go into detail about the short run CD duplication process.  Along with examining what it is, we will look at why it is so important and why you should consider going with for your next CD duplication needs.

Why Consider Short Run CD Duplication?

The main benefit of short run CD duplication is that you save time.  Duplicating a single CD at rates far faster than you could do on your own, a service like one offered at can provide you with everything you need to meet demand.  Whether you are preparing last moment for a show and need merchandise or want to create something for a group of friends or co-workers, short run CD duplication can get the job done.

Why Does It Cost X Amount?

The price for short run CD duplication can change depending on a number of factors.  First, there is the size of the order that you are putting in.  The larger the order, the more expensive it will be.  Next, there is the complexity of what you are trying to have copied.  Third, there is the cost of shipping and expedited rates depending on how quickly you need them.  How much it will end up costing you is entirely dependent on the factors above and may change if your order changes.  At the very least, you know that you can get an excellent rate if you go with because of their stellar reputation.

A Single Source For All Of Your CD and DVD Needs provides a wide range of services for those looking to duplicate, order in bulk, and even order custom made CD sleeves.  With, you can fully customize your CD or DVD’s, producing industry quality material that arrives to your home or business fully ready to send out.  With countless satisfied customers, you know that you will get the highest quality service regardless of your needs.  This includes short run CD duplication as has one of the shortest turn around times in the industry.  All that is left is for you to consider what they have to offer and place your order.


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