What is Short Run CD Duplication?

Short run CD duplication is basically a superfast compact disc or digital video disc production or replication process. There are many instances when you would need a few or numerous discs duplicated in a very short span of time. You would not have the luxury of time to wait for a week. You may not even have a requirement for any stringent minimum number of copies, which is often a criterion for great rates from most disc duplication services. Short run CD duplication aims to avert these constraints while ensuring you get quality discs to distribute or use as you deem fit.

Short run CD duplication is usually available round the clock without any exception on weekends or public holidays. The duplication and printing facilities operate relentlessly and you can avail such a service from anywhere. You can upload the relevant artwork you want on the disc, provide the data, music or video by uploading the files and wait for an almost instantaneous initiation of the whole duplication process. Short run CD duplication is usually available as an overnight service but it may take a day or two to ship the package of duplicated or replicated discs.

Short run CD duplication is not a substitute or an inferior alternative to professionally produced discs. They are of the same quality but available at a much shorter turnaround time. There is no minimum quantity to order and there is a myriad of packaging choices. You can choose one of the available materials. You may also choose natural or recyclable packaging materials but not all providers will be able to facilitate this. You can definitely opt for a do it yourself strategy as far as packaging is concerned.

Short run CD duplication does not compel you to make any compromise. You can go for as few or as many discs you want. There are instant quotes, which will be more reasonable if you go for a bulk. You can choose from mailers, single jackets and jewel case, four or six panel wallets and digipaks. You can choose full color or specific designs. Normal compact discs will have seven hundred megabytes of data, which is almost eight minutes of music. Digital video disc of course has much more space and hence will have exponentially more content. You can also choose short run CD duplication for blu-ray discs. Seek estimates online, compare quotes and choose short run CD duplication that meets your needs.


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