Slim Jesus has Millions of views on youtube video.  I’m not here to knock anyone’s hustle, but rapping about shooting and killing and you’re not really about that life is a problem for me. I look at Vanilla Ice back in the earlier 90’s when he tried to pretend he had more street creed than he actually did in his bio. The backlash on Vanilla Ice was so hard that it derailed his career. Slim Jesus is starting to get those same stares about his music. He’s rapping tuff but he’s really not about that lifestyle at all.


Music is art and I understand that, so I’m not extremely upset that he is creating art that he does not live.  It’s not like Quinton Tarantino knows or lives like characters he writes into scripts it’s just art, so it’s no different than Slim Jesus rapping about capping people even if he’s never done it.


Slim Jesus is just mimicking what he grew up listening to. He’s getting a white pass cause nobody has heard white kid rap this style. I think he’s only good, only good at mimicking Chief Keif he’s not original and he’s not great.

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