Should your band or indie artist shoot a video for youtube? I say yes. You can shoot a good music video for $500 nowadays. If you have a good song and a decent video you never know it could go viral and millions of people might check out your video. The eyeballs are already at so all you have to is catch on. With today’s technology you can shoot a good video and edit it for almost nothing you just got to find a hungry young video director who is willing to take on your project.  If you already have a few fans you email them to check it out and their are many website blogs that will promote your video for a little fee.

Today there is no shameless promotion, you have to be willing to whatever it takes to get your music out their in front of as many eyeballs as you can. You have to have a soundcloud page that is a great way to get feed back from music fans who listen to all types of music. They will let you know right away if your music or artistry is up to par.

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