What is Zoom

  Zoom’s popularity has gained it the rare moniker of being a ‘unicorn company.’  Naturally, you’re curious about that term.  You’re probably asking, “What is a unicorn company?” A unicorn company is a privately held company that has attained a $1 billion dollar valuation in less than a few years of its initial operating date. […]

Do You Need To Copyright Your Music

  A copyright is establishing ownership on any intellectual property such as a song. The moment your music is put to paper and or recorded, it is unofficially copywritten. You never to have worry about your ownership unless, there is someone who produces something remarkably like your song and who has also written the song […]

The Most Popular Music Distribution Sites

Over the years, digital music distribution has been popularized by these music streaming industry leaders: Amazon Spotify Pandora Apple Music iTunes Google Play You Tube Tidal Napster Deezer iHeart Radio Claro Música Media Net Saavn NicheStreem Anghami   Claro Música streams music from Central American and South American artists, while Saavn streams Hindi songs, NicheStreem […]

USB Duplication and Flash Drives

USB Duplicating, Tomorrow’s Trend is Here Today From vinyl record to 8-track tape to cassette to CD to MP3 to USB, that has been the transition music distribution has gone through. Now, that we have entered the latest transition of recording music, USB flash drives. The Indie artists, always the first to try anything new, […]

Apple Music

Apple Music Clocks in at Number Three If you like so many were swept away in the era of the Apple iPod, then you were introduced to Apple Music, Inc. Apple Music, Inc. is the company that brings the world its streaming service along with its live radio stations broadcasting in more than 200 countries. […]

Fl Studio Sound Packs

www.flstudiosoundpacks.com We found a great site for producers who use FL Studio and need Fl Studio sound packs.

Death of The CD

Okay for years they have been telling us that the CD is dead. But here we are years later still cranking out CD’s for our customers. The CD is still a great way to  promote your music or project. Every band or indie Artists should have CD’s as a part of the Merch table. Even  […]

Download and Streaming

We would like to know if you are taking advantage of download sites and streaming sites. Do you use Spotify to stream music? Is your music on platform like youtube. We are interested in knowing the future of music distribution and where the industry is going and no other way than is to speak to […]

Artist who died in 2018

We lost a a few artist in 2018. Most remarkable is Aretha Franklin she is the queen of soul. She was 76 years old. Roy Clark who is best known for his appearance on one of my dads favorite show he haw in the 70’s. He was 85. XXXTentacion  a 20 year old up and […]


We have a dynamic Instagram page that we would like you to follow us on. We post regularly on our instagram page. We are trying ot get more followers. We have some post of jobs that we have done for our clients. ur instagram page is www.instagram.com/atlantadisccd Please take some time out of yoru time […]